We design and identify the process which leads our technicians and engineers towards a customised solution to suit customer needs, which is completed by:

  • Wiring diagrams compliant with specifications
  • Power supply and control panels
  • Automation and supervision software for process management

During the design stage our experts analyse all the available data in order to identify the appropriate electric and electronic components.
Together with the customer and the project managers, they evaluate the most suitable materials for the system requirements, required services and reliability over time and suggest the best technical solution possible. 
The wiring diagrams are drawn up with the appropriate software tools based on the CAD platform, and according to the requirements they can follow a standard solution suggested by us or be customised based on customer needs.
They usually consist of 4 main sections:

  • Wiring  diagram layout, comprising the arrangement and description of the installed components
  • Wiring diagram showing the appliance and control system connections
  • Wire and junction box details for the on-board system
  • List of materials

After designing the wiring diagram and finding the necessary materials, the control panel can be constructed with the supervision of the designer and the relevant wiring technicians.

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